Monday, January 26, 2009

Pour it out..

I've been thinking alot about something I preached about a few years ago. I just love this story and it really says something about how Jesus can change hearts and how He can inspire complete surrender of everything we have.


And while he was in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, seated at table, there came a woman with a bottle of perfumed oil of great price; and when the bottle was broken she put the perfume on his head. But some of them were angry among themselves, saying, For what purpose has this oil been wasted?
We might have got more than three hundred pence for it, and given the money to the poor. And they said things against her among themselves. But Jesus said, Let her be; why are you troubling her? she has done a kind act to me. The poor you have ever with you, and whenever you have the desire you may do them good: but me you have not for ever.
She has done what she was able: she has put oil on my body to make it ready for its last resting-place. And truly I say to you, Wherever the good news goes out through all the earth, what this woman has done will be talked of in memory of her.
(Mark 14:3 -9)

This woman truly and completely honored Jesus by her giving. She didn't just give Him her heart and that was it. And she did more than hand over a bottle of expensive perfume (which was valued at a year’s salary) to Jesus. She broke the seal on her gift, removed the lid and poured it out. She was capable of such extravagance her heart had been touched by Jesus. This woman cared no longer for the value of this luxurious and prized perfume, Jesus was worth it to her.

Is Jesus worth giving extravagantly to? Have you experienced Him in such a real way and know that he has touched your heart? Compared to Him our money, our time and possessions should mean nothing. Giving needs to come from our heart – from our love and devotion to Christ. Giving shouldn’t be like teeth pulling – it should be an action of our love and devotion to Him.

What would it take for you and I to break the seal and open the lid on our most precious possessions? What would it take to open the lid of our generous giving?

Dear Jesus, I want to give you more. I want to be generous with all I have. I give you my finances and ask you to give me opportunities to give. I pray you will bless me so I can give more.
I want to give you more of my time, help me to keep my priorities on track so I can give you more.
I want to give you my heart, completely and utterly. Do what you want with my life. It's yours. Use it for your glory. Use me to do what you will with it. I surrender it to you.
I break open the seal of my life and all that I have and I pour it out.

Thankyou Lord for your grace in my life.

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