Thursday, January 29, 2009

They claim that they know God, but their actions deny it. They are hateful and disobedient, not fit to do anything good. Titus 1:16

One of my pet peeves in this world are acceptance speeches from movie stars at the Oscars or other award ceremonies.


"I would like to thank God...."

Why thank God? They don't even believe in Him. They don't even have a relationship with Him? Why thank Him for an award that they won by acting in a role that blasphemes, that promotes divorce, that promotes promiscuity, that glorifies violence etc etc.

It's easy to bring God into acceptance speeches - but that doesn't mean that the person talking about Him, KNOWS Him. They may acknowledge Him, but unless they are in submission and live in full obedience, they are "not fit to do anything good."

Our actions are our proof that we know God. If we behave like everyone else does - we do not know God. If we act like the World, approve of sin, behave like unbelievers, then we do not know God. If we are not living in full obedience to God and do not submit to Him, we do not know God. And our "good deeds" are nothing.

Sunday Christians (the ones that are pure and holy on Sunday only) are a great example of this. Knowing God is not a one day a week thing. It's all or nothing. If you want to KNOW God - then submit, obey and turn away from the sins of the World. Do not deny God with your actions. Do not be guilty of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. People who do that make Christians look like idiots. It's all or nothing. 100& committment or nothing. God wants you to claim that you know Him and your actions prove it!

With Christianity, actions speak louder than words.

God, please help me to remember to act according to your Word. I pray you will show me where I am being disobedient so I can repent and change. I want to be 100% going with you and for you. I want to be a true example of you.
I pray for every reader who reads this, that you will bless them abundantly. I pray your Word will go out from here into cyberspace and to the eyes of those who need to hear from you.


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