Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Great is Our God!

Ever wanted to know why I picked "How great is our God!" for the title of this blog?

The song is awesome! Well done Chris Tomlin! It just expresses beautifully the cry of my heart.

In 2002 my Grandfather - Pops was diagnosed with asbestos related lung cancer. Pops was a handyman and painter and decorator and was exposed to asbestos in his earlier years. He was an active man, always very tanned because he was always out in the garden, or sitting outside in she sunshine, drinking his tea and listening to the cricket.
In 2002, over 6 months he went from a robust, healthy, active man to a skeleton with skin. He was in horrible pain as massive tumors took over his lungs.
But all through this time of pain and sickness, his hearts cry was the same. "How Great is our God!". One day I walked in on a conversation he was having with my husband. Pops was crying! He wasn't crying because he was in pain, or because he was upset he was going to die soon. He was crying because God had been so gracious to him. He was crying because he was overwhelmed with how great our God is!
The week before he died, he attended my brother's wedding. He was in hospital at the time, but arranged to be released for the morning so he could attend. During the hymns, Pops had his arm raised straight in the air, and he worshipped with all his being!
I felt tears prick my eyes. Right then and there I wanted that same heart of worship. I wanted to praise God in ALL circumstances. I wanted to constantly remember the goodness of God, no matter how I was feeling, what circumstances were going on, no matter how bad life got.

Pops died in December 2002. The legacy he left me was incredible.

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