Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seams and piecing..

I love to quilt. I find great satisfaction in sewing together small pieces of fabric to create a bigger masterpiece. I find it relaxing to bind together the layers of fabric and wadding. I just love quilting.


But there is one thing that I find difficult. You can't just whip through making a quilt and BINGO - you have a masterpiece. Each piece must be cut exactly to size and shape. Each pieces must be sewn together, allowing an exact seam allowance. If it's slightly to big, or slightly too small, the joins don't line up. If one piece is not correct, the whole quilt will be effected.

This is the same with our Christian walk. If one part of our life is not in line with what God wants, our whole life is effected. If we are not living a life of complete surrender, parts of our lives will be in the right shape, and will put our whole life out of kilter.

Also we can't expect to just arrive, with our life completely in line and each part perfect. Quilting takes an obscene amount of time to do. Hours and hours, weeks and weeks, months and months... sometimes even years. For us, to work on our lives, will take the rest of our days.

Keep aligning your life with the Word of God to create perfect seams. Keep surrendering your life completely so that God can shape every area, so you can pieced into a masterpiece.

I hope you understood that.....
I am sure quilting enthusiasts would have... :)

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Donna said...

Oh that is so true! I know of many people who appear to be walking as Christians however there are parts of their life that they just won't give to God. It pulls at the very fabric of their being and makes life very difficult.

I love this blog, Skip. You really do have God speaking through you.


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