Thursday, February 26, 2009

What defines you?

I’m breaking my habit
Of asking strangers
“What do you do?”
As if they’re no more than what they do.
I’ve begun asking,
“What are your dreams and your dreads?
What moves you, excites you, alarms you?
What drains you or sustains you?
What interests or bores you, amuses or grieves you?
Where do you go when you’re homesick?
Where do you rest when you’re tired?
Who are you when you’re alone, and whom do you miss?
And who misses you?
But when we’re dealing with questions,
Perhaps its really not what or where or who,
But whose. Whose are you? And whose am I?

Gerhard Frost

I am looking at this poem as part of an assignment. I found it incredibly thought provoking. I still have to listen to the lecture to get full benefit from it, but it's stirred up alot of questions.
What defines me? What I do? Who I am? Or Whose I am?
Does my relationship God define who I am as a person?

Here is one for you: Whose are you?


Anonymous said...

Your assignment wouldn't be with Tabor would it?

Skipper said...

:D Yep! Sure is.

I am guessing you have done it or doing it?
xx Skip


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