Sunday, March 1, 2009

Keep it simple!

Matthew 6:7 "When you pray, don't ramble like heathens who think they'll be heard if they talk a lot.

Did anyone else think this was funny?

When I read this I had a little chuckle. It took me back on a trip down memory lane. I, by nature, am very observant. I see and hear things very few people do. When I was a little girl, I was no different. I would watch people in church, watch them pray, worship, preach and praise. I would make mental notes, then to my cousin's delight, I would immitate them afterwards, and have her in fits of laughter.
But I remember listening to a few members in our church pray and listen to them go on and on and ON and ON. I would find my head would become muddled up, because they rambled on so much, I forgot what they were actually asking God to do. They would get so caught up in the "Christian Jargon" and the "Lingo" - it was as if they wanted to impress God with their theology thesauraus they had sitting there on their tongue.


Why couldn't they just say what they needed to say in one or two sentences? Surely God would get bored with 10 minute prayers about blessing Sister Alma's cat with diabetes?

Jesus had a clue I think.... he'd heard lots of prayers already!! Matthew 6:7 paraphrased says this "KEEP IT SIMPLE!!"

I love it!!

Lord, I love your Word. Keep showing me cool stuff. Keep growing me. Keep challenging me. You are one awesome God, and I am so completely in love with you. You are my number one.


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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

That's a hard one to keep as a pastor. It's hard to pray from the hard, unrehearsed in front of people. It's a great temptation to kind of map out the prayer in your head before hand, so you're sure to get what you want to say, but make it sound natural.


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