Thursday, March 5, 2009

Matthew 7:1-2 Don't condemn others, and God won't condemn you. God will be as hard on you as you are on others! He will treat you exactly as you treat them.


In the movie "Everafter", I love the part where the evil stepmother, and Margeurite appear before Danielle aka Cinderella - as a royal for the first time. The shock on their face. AND... when consequences for past behaviour is dished out Danielle says something along the lines that "they receive the same kindness shown to me". The next scene is in a medieval laundry, where the Stepmother and step sister are launched into full time domestic work, like they forced Danielle to do for many years.

God will be as hard on you as you are to others. That's a real challenge I think! It's so easy to look on some people with scorn, dislike, and judgement. I don't know about you, but when I stuff up, I want God to respond with grace, mercy, kindness, and gentleness. So when people mess up and annoy me down here - this is how I need to respond. The bar needs to be raised. How I respond is my problem only. I cannot blame others for the reactions and actions of myself. So if I get angry, that is my fault only. If I react ungraciously and scornfully, then that is my fault. I own my actions. I own my emotions. I own my reactions. So how God responds to me is my choice.

God, you are magnificent. Thankyou for your grace to me. I pray that I will always remember to respond to other's mess ups with grace, mercy and kindness. Help me to remember this scripture as I go through life. Help me to not condem but to love, encourage and gently guide. Help me to portray you in the best way possible.

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