Sunday, March 15, 2009

Small fibs to God?

I read this statement over on Reson8 last week, and I just loved it.

Don’t sing on Sunday what you are not willing to live on Monday.

I'm definately going to be bringing this to the Church, next time I worship lead. It's so true. Our songs, are not there to make us feel good. Our worship has the potential to be so powerful. To shake the spiritual rhelm, to be prophetic etc. These are not just words that we utter, to get goosebumps.

If we don't mean what we sing, we shouldn't sing them. So if you don't mean the words:
"I surrender all..."
"Break my heart for what break's yours.."
"Lord I give you my heart.."
"It's all about you Jesus..."
"You are all I need..."
"I'm desperate for you..."

.... don't sing them. This is blatant untruthfulness. Singing these words without any intention of doing what you sing, or even meaning them is lying. Seriously, lying to God and in his own house??

Thankyou Lord for the opportunity to worship you, in spirit and in truth. I pray that I will be reminded of this statement everytime I sing, that I will make what I sing the cry of my heart. I pray I will hold myself accountable when I worship, that the songs will not rashly just fall from my lips, that I will mean every single word.


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