Sunday, May 17, 2009

Before the beginning of time.


“Before the foundations of the Earth was made, he had us in mind” Ephesians 1:4.

What do you think he had in mind when he made you?
Do you think he saw your struggles? How black and evil you would be? How bad you would be? How many sins you would commit?

When I dreamed about my unborn children, it was never how difficult they would be. How many times I would have to discipline them for bad behaviour or reward them for good. It wasn't about how much sleep I would lose, or how many diseases I would catch off them. I thought about the good things. How sweet they would be. What their little personalities would be like. I would dreamt about the cuddles, the love, the good times.

God is no different. Except he thought of you BEFORE time began. He had you all in mind, planned, dreamt about, loved and cherished, even before you arrived. He knows you so intimately and so deeply, because he has known you and thought about you forever!

Dear Lord,
I am so honored to be on the receiving end of your love. Thankyou that each and every one of us was planned, loved and cherished before we were even created. It's so good to see that every single life on earth was thought of, way before they even arrived. Thankyou that there are no accidents in this world. They may arrive unplanned by the parents, but definately planned by you.

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