Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meant to have Mentors

Hebrews 13:7 Remember your leaders who have spoken God's word to you. Think about how their lives turned out, and imitate their faith.

There are Christians in this world that I would love to be like. There is a woman in my past who I don't see much now, but I would love to be like her. She is such a kind and gracious woman. The love of Christ shines from her face. She brings a sense of peace and goodness to any yuck situation. She was amazing!! She served tirelessly, she loved with everything in her, and her resources were straight from God. I would love to be like her.

There is a worship leader/singer in our Satelite church. She is amazing! You know that what she has is real - she isn't performing. She has a deep and real connection with God. I would love to be able to express my worship like her. Not only is her worship amazing, but her personal life is one of faith, even in crisis. She battled cancer, yet she continued to praise God and proclaim His goodness!

Each and everyone should have people that we look up to and respect. That we are willing to learn from. We aren't meant to plod along on our own. God has given us people who have gone before us, so we can learn from them. God has brought people into our lives to teach us and for us to come under their leadership.

If we think we can do it on our own. If we think we don't need a role model or a mentor. if we think we are so far in our Christian faith that we don't need to be taught and don't need another Christian's influence, then we have a spirit of pride that needs to be addressed. We have an unteachable spirit that needs working on. Not one Christian has ever "arrived". We all need to learn. And one of those sources is a mentor.

If you don't have a person who can mentor you, who can teach you about faith, about God, about His Word, who can teach you by their choices, by their life - then go and find one. Be careful in your choice though. Choose one who is for real, has a deep relationship with God, whose life is above board and proves that it's bearing fruit of the spirit.

I thank God for the people He has given me that are my teachers and my examples.

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