Sunday, August 9, 2009

being the scum...

Phillipians 2:3 Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

I love this verse.

This teaches us a great way to behave and to treat other people. In society, we are not equal, there are always the "bogans", the "ferals", the uncouth, unkempt member, the uneducated, the unemployed etc. In the church it sometimes isn't much better. There are members that are smelly, feral, and uneducated. And often these church members are "politely ignored". Pushed to the edges, shunned... social outcasts.

We as Christians are challenged here to "count others more significant"

How would we treat the Prime Minister if he came to church? With respect. We would go out of our way to make him welcome, make sure he had good seat, had someone to talk to, showed him around etc. How would we treat the Queen of England if she came to church? We would honor her, respect her, make sure she had a good seat, had a cup of tea afterwards, spoke to her with immense kindness and respect.

We always treat people who are more significant than us with respect. It's just how the human race works.

Every single person should be treated like the Prime Minister. Every single person should be thought of as royalty. Because when we adopt this mindset, we are treating ALL people with respect, with kindness, with unselfishness.

In our attitude change, we have to get past the "social" divides to show humility and the true character of Christ. Jesus most certainly didn't use "I'm God" when he touched a leper, a blind man, and hung out with a tax collector. He didn't refuse to die for all mankind because he was better than everyone. He didn't use class and social divides as an excuse to not minister to all.

What an amazing challenge!!

I encourage you today, starting today, to treat all mankind with this attitude, and show them Christ through your actions.


Lord please help me to remember that I am not better than anyone else. Please show me ways to show YOU through my actions. Thankyou that you were above social divides and showed the world true love, by dying for us all.


Daph-a-dill's said...

So very true indeed. Would you mind if i shared this page with others?

Skipper said...

Go for it!! :)

xx Skipper


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