Monday, August 24, 2009

A double whammy

Today while I was vacumming the carpets, I was listening to Pastor Josh Greenwood, speaking to the church about prayer. Not only are we to pray for breakthrough, but we are to persist. Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking. Keep praying.

Like Jacob who wrestled all night with that angel - he must have been tired, but he wrestled and asking for a blessing. Then he got a blow to his thigh which would have hurt him - but he kept pushing past that and wrestling until he got his blessing.

We can't give up in praying. We have to persist. Don't just ask once and then walk away discouraged. God wants us to have commitment and persistance, and keep on praying.

When that message was over, I decided to listen to another one by another speaker from a completely different church in 2005!! And guess what that one was about?

Pressing in! Praying and keep on praying. See your vision. See your dreams. Look for the answers. Be committed to it.

It's time. I no longer will sit there and wait patiently for God to bring things about, I am going to step out, and pray for it, believe for it and watch for it.

God is preparing me for greater things, I don't want to let those things slip by and live my life with unfulfilled dreams. It's time to go away, lock myself away in my "prayer closet" and start praying more.

God really has been taking me on a journey over these last few weeks and I believe they are preparing me for the future. I can't be passive in this any longer. I am either committed to make this happen, or I'm not. I either will spend the time praying for it and not let my life slip by without ever fulfilling my dreams and living with purpose.


Lisa said...

I've been searching for some time to find someone's personal account or a revelation on an encounter with God. In the first few lines of this post I felt a stirring in my spirit. I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

My Bishop is presently doing a teaching series on 'Prayer' and this post has open my eyes in a tremendous way. Everything that I've been studying and experiencing has unraveled.

I often wondered why I could believe God for others but when it came to me; I had a 'I'm waiting on God' mentality.

This post has created a sonic bomb in my spirit. My future has ran a cirle around my pass so quickly, it was a good thing that I was sitting. Everything from my pass is now tied to my future, in such a way that I see it all clearly now.

You know I've always wondered why I never got the type of breakthroughs that I was expecting from God.....Even though I was faithful and faithful in serving in the ministry. People view me as a person of tanasity, yet I would always draw back to my 'waiting on God' mindset went things didn't work the way I felt it in my spirit. I would tell myself, maybe God is saying not yet.

....Oh but no more, I've put my gloves back on and I'm climbing back into the ring. I'm expecting it to happen in the first round; but if it doesn't I'm not giving up! I'm going to wrestle, ask, seek and knock until I recieve.

My life is bursting at the seams with ideas, dreams and visions for me to establish so many companies, it's unbelievable. As always, I can sense that God is pushing me and I'm not whimping out this time.

I truly bless God for this post; who would have thought that a post like this, could serve as an arrow that hit bulls-eye, and repositioned a life and set in motion the direction toward purpose and the fulfilment of destiny.

I am a firm believer that in touching and shifting one life, you have reached millions!

Skipper said...

Dear Lisa,
Thankyou so much for your comment. I'm so glad that someone has been blessed and has been able to take something away from what God has been saying.
I pray God ignites in you a fire of passion, commitment and determination.

Many blessings


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