Sunday, August 23, 2009

Facing up to the flesh

Last night I rocked up to church and was kinda stoked that God spoke again through the speaker. You will never guess what he spoke about??

Yeah... dreams and callings! :) I think God is trying to tell me something.

I will press in, continue to believe and think positively and with faith. God has a plan and a purpose - I of all people should know that. My whole life has been based on God's plan and purpose.

I have things I need to deal with before I can do what God has intended. Fleshy things need to be sorted. I have a spirit of pride - you saw that in action yesterday when I said I was better than another person. I also have to mature up more. Sulkiness because God isn't doing it my way and in my time is immature.


It was a very dangerous prayer of mine - "Grow me Lord" - because God has definately taken me up on that. :)

It's an amazing place to be. Uncomfortable, humbled, and totally intimate with God - even though I am imperfect, He still loves me. I feel like I have just been cuddled and had my hair ruffled by God. :)

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