Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Honor thy leader

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 My friends, we ask you to be thoughtful of your leaders who work hard and tell you how to live for the Lord. Show them great respect and love because of their work.

God has appointed people to lead His people. In the church there are people who are in leadership positions, who are responsible for the people they lead. I can tell you that the people in leadership often work very hard. I know because I am in leadership. I know what time and effort gets put into the ministry.

Seriously, the last thing leadership needs are whinging, whining church members who focus on the problems, focus on need, rather than focus on the work that is actually done or offer their help. It's demoralizing, discouraging and actually doesn't accomplish very much. "We need...." is not what leaders need to hear... what they need is "We need a... and I am a willing helper to get it underway." Condemnation, demands, and criticism will get you know where.. and fast.

So before you condemn, criticise, complain about your leadership, think about how you can be thoughtful, recognise the hard work they do, how you can submit to their leadership, show them respect and love them. With this new attitude, your leaders will be able to lead more successfully and with confidence, knowing that you are right there behind them, supporting them and loving them.

There is no excuse whatsoever in failing to submit and honor the people who have been placed in leadership over you. I know personalities can sometimes create a buzz in us and make us feel stubborn and annoyed with their leadership. But no matter how annoying they are.. and no matter how rubbish we think they are... we need to submit, support and honor them.

Lord help me remember to have a submissive and supportive attitude when dealing with my leaders. Help me deal with criticism graciously and try to not let it effect the ministry. Amen

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