Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A testimony...

I just want to share something that happened today.

I'm seeing a Social Worker because my son has been diagnosed with sensory based anxiety. I need help to parent him in the best way that I can and this Social Worker helps me do that, as well as educating me to identify his needs and how I can meet them.

So anyway...

Today I spoke to her about my past. I will tell you guys soon, I promise - but in a nut shell I told her everything, how terrible my teens were, how destroyed I was, I broken, hurt and angry I was. She listened in stunned silence. I didn't say anything about the part God played in it. I didn't tell her it was him that rescued me. Do you know what she said?

"I can see that your faith in God has given you strength."

She could see God in me - even though she doesn't necessarily believe in God, she has recognised that without God I would have crumbled!

I was then able to share a few verses in the Bible that had helped me. She responded positively and didn't dismiss it at all. She didn't try to dismiss the idea that God was bigger than my need and hurt, and try to explain it in another way. She simply accepted that God was in control of my situation, and I trusted Him.

God is really good!! He's allowed me to share my testimony in part - he opened a door!! :)

Thankyou Lord. Now please do your thing with the seed that has been planted in that woman's life. Amen.

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Daph-a-dill's said...

WOW...thanks for sharing that. How encouraging that was to read. It gave me a lift and reminded me how God has carried me through my terrible childhood and teens.
Thanks so much for sharing. I have been in a glummy rut and you have just woken me up. Bless you xxx


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