Friday, September 18, 2009

God speaks again...

You know that decision I thought I may have to make? Turns out I have to make it. I knew it. I will explain later in full - when I am at liberty to speak freely. But I was agonising over it again, my heart crying out to God, "What will I do? What will become of me? Will the visions and dreams you have given me happen now?"

Then God spoke to me. In the words of a song I remember vaguely from my early teens.

I Have a Destiny by Mark Altrogge
I have a destiny I know I shall fulfil
I have a destiny in that city on a hill
I have a destiny and it's not an empty wish
For I know I was born for such a time as this

Long before the ages You predestined me
To walk in all the works You have prepared for me
You've given me a part to play in history
To help prepare a bride for eternity
I did not choose You but You have chosenme
And appointed me for bearing fruit abundantly
I know You will complete the work begun in me
By the power of Your Spirit working mightily

© 1986 People of Destiny International/Word Music

Thankyou God!! I will remember this as I go forward.

Will be back in the next day or two to talk about this mysterious dillema! :)

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