Friday, September 11, 2009

Something interesting...

I watched "Son of God" (BBC) today and was absolutely blown away by their historical content relevant to Jesus. One thing the narrator said that really interested me was that Jesus sought out the suffering, the weak, the hurting, the sick and the afflicted. He hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors and other despised members of societs of that time.

The fact that Jesus didn't go out and try make a good name for himself with the rich, the wise, the priests and religious scholars says so much to the kind of God we serve. He isn't interested in social status, what your past or your present is, or how destroyed you feel. God wants to reach out and touch you where you are at - just like Jesus reached out and touched the people around him where they were at. He saw the bleeding woman's heart as well as her physical condition, reached out to her and met her needs. He noticed the blind man who would have been ignored and healed him. He saw where he was at, and reached out to him. He noticed the children, who at the time were not valued members of society - but yet he called them to himsself and blessed them. There are many many illustrations of Jesus doing this....

So to my point. We are called to follow Jesus. What should we be doing? Should we be trying to make a good name for ourselves with Pastors, ministers and other Christians? Or should we be out in the World, trying to make a difference. Offering people a hope in their hopelessness? Offering them a God who will meet them where they are at and touch them, heal them and save them?

We need to move outside our four walls of the church and do what Jesus would want. Bring them in. Help them. Speak to them. NOTICE them. Speak life into their situation. Love them.

We are not too good for them, because Jesus, the perfect Son of God didn't think he was.

Bring people across my path, Father, that I can speak to, show love to and show compassion to. Use me and give me the words to say to speak into their lives and give the best example of you. Thankyou for challenging me to move outside the church and reminding me that the church members already know about you, but there are more outside who don't. Thankyou for showing me what Jesus did, and help me follow his example.


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