Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christ-like Leadership Part 1.

I am reading an interesting study on Christ-Like Leadership - so I want to jot my thoughts and impressions down here as I do it.

As some of you know I am in leadership in the church I am in - I soon will be out of leadership for a while - but the skills I have are still there. So I want to learn more about doing leadership in the best way possible.

Alot of ministries curl up and die, because of lack of good Christ-like leadership. Departments are run like small armies, with control as their primary focus rather than the people they are serving, the God that they are serving etc. I want to be sure that any leadership roles I take on from now on, I do it in the manner of Christ.

This study was written by Joel McClure. He gave 5 metaphors to describe the aspects of Christ-like leadership - and the first one was The Foot Washer: the Leader as Servant

In John 13:1-17 it details a beautiful image of Jesus as a servant, washing the feet of his disciples. Jesus showed through his actions that the most important part of being a leader is being a servant. Be willing to do the unimportant little jobs.

Jesus Washing Feet Pictures, Images and Photos

I remember before I became a leader, that I had to be faithful in the small areas. I had to be willing to do little "unimportant" jobs before I could be faithful in the more "important" jobs. Though really... all jobs are important. All jobs are worthy. But for those dreaming of leadership, dreaming of running departments, leading teams, leading the church etc - be willing and be happy with doing the little things before trying to grab the more "glamourous" position of leadership.

As I go into my new church, this is one area I need to be aware of - I can't just step into another leadership role - I need to serve in the little areas, in the areas I may not necessarily have a calling in so that I can prove myself to be faithful for the bigger things. This is going to be a very humbling experience for me - once a worship director - now what?? This will certainly be dealing with my spirit of pride that sometimes rises up in me. But I will serve God, and will serve Him joyfully. I will do whatever task is asked of me, and I will fill a need where I can, because I am serving God - and every thing I do for God is an honor and a priveledge.

Mark 10:43 - 44 But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else.

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