Friday, October 16, 2009

Christ-like Leadership part 2

Continuing on with the study I am reading.

This study was written by Joel McClure. He gave 5 metaphors to describe the aspects of Christ-like leadership - and the second one was The Shepherd: the Leader as Nurturer.

Nurtering comes naturally to me. I am a Mother of three children. I have to younger brothers, one who I particularly nurtured.
Nurture defined is: foster: help develop, help grow.

In leadership, their is nothing more satisfying than watching the people you lead develop and grow! I love the training, the mentoring, the encouragement, the challenging - all aspects of helping someone grow into a role or as a person.

I believe nurturing to be vitally important in team building. Especially developing their spiritual lives. It's human response to arc up about this, and reject the very idea that they will have to be accountable. But how can a leader not be a shepherd to the people that they lead? Jesus shepherded his disciples. Sure, he hung out with crowds of people, but he spent a good deal of time, growing, training and developing his 12 disciples.

Jesus Teaching Disciples Pictures, Images and Photos

What would happen to a group of people when they aren't nurtured? I wonder if it's the same as when a child is not nurtured. When a child is not nurtured, he or she becomes stunted in it's emotional and develepmental growth. The people of God cannot be effective if they are stunted in their spiritual and developmental growth. This is not what God wants for his kids.

Lord thankyou for showing me the importance of nurturing in a leadership role. Thankyou that you shepherded your disciples so that they were fully equipped to go out and preach the gospel. Thankyou that because of this nurturing we can all know you in a real way.

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