Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leadership Boot Camp.

I've been reading and studying Moses' life with interest. I was especially interested that Moses was demoted from prince of Egypt, with power and influence, to a shepherd. Now I've worked with sheep, and seriously it's not a glamorous job at all. Especially in Australia, where you are trying to work with them in the dust, flies and heat. When I see pictures of a Bible-days shepherd boy, holding this lilly white lamb, it all looks peaceful and green and lush... To me that seems unrealistic. I think Moses, working out near Mount Sinai, would have had a similar environment to an Aussie "Shepherd".


When I was working with sheep, the boss would have to help his sheep find water, food, keep them penned in their paddocks, treat their wool yearly, dag them (which means shear off the wool around their backsides) and shear them. Getting them from one paddock to another was ridiculous. Seriously sheep are STUPID. Once I was ushering sheep from one pen to another so they could be counted, and one fell over. It lay there for AGES... and the boss had to go and pick it up. It wouldn't get up on it's own. Mustering them is so funny - because they are just so stupid. If they went in the direction they were supposed to, then it would be over alot faster.




If Moses was going to lead a nation out of Egypt, he had to go to Leadership Boot Camp. Working with stubborn, stupid sheep would give him excellent leadership skills to lead a whinging, whining, stubborn, disobedient nation into freedom. What Moses may have seen as a "demotion" and a mundane living was actually training him to be the "deliverer".

Situations in life are not wasted, God will use them to grow us, develop us, equip us and then when the time is right, send us out and use us. Praise God that the rubbish times in life, the times where we feel like we are not accomplishing anything for his Kingdom, is Boot Camp!

Thankyou Father that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord - that all seasons are ordained by you. Lord help me get the very most growth out of "Boot camp" times so I can be the most effective in ministry. Thankyou that it's not by might, not my power, but by your Spirit - I don't do anything in my own strength - it's all you. I give full glory and honour to you. Amen

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