Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tough times = preparing the groundwork

In Genesis 39 we read of Joseph's life and how he must have thought "What on earth is going on?? I've had this dream, you showed me, and now I am in prison unjustly."

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But God was preparing the groundwork. Going through tough times develops us in our character to prepare us for the work God has in store for us. God really impressed on me that this time in my life is just a season - it's preparation for fulfillment of dreams and promises. Something that really spoke to me was: if Joseph stayed where he was, with his father, being the favourite son, living that cushy life - he wouldn't have developed into that strong and powerful man that he became. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers - he was a young man in a good place, and quickly became a nobody.

During tough times in our lives, it enables us to wait on God and wait on his timing. This is faith building time, hanging onto the promises God has made, remembering those dreams, and waiting for God to fulfill them. I read in my study bible that God's DELAYS are not DENIALS.

I'm so glad that God has shown me these passages, and given me new meaning. I can go through these uncertain and difficult times with the confidence that this is a time of refinement and God is preparing the groundwork for greater things.

Lord God, thank you for speaking to me clearly through your word. I love how it all comes to me in perfect timing. Help me to be a woman of integrity as I continue this season in my life. It's not easy, but I know I can rely on you for strength and guidance. Amen

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