Monday, April 26, 2010

It pays to listen when you pray!

Last night I was praying as I was going to sleep about our car situation. We were really stuck - we couldn't repair it, we couldn't sell it until we paid what was owing on it. It was a right old shamozzle. The mechanic tried to find a motor and rang all over the country, looking for one. There was 1 available... and it was so expensive to buy, let alone get it put in our car. We would never be able to sell our car for what it would cost us in repairs. To cut a long story short - it was looking like we would have to come up with $16,000 to pay for the car and then start looking for a new one. That's right. SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. To come up with that money, we would have to sell our caravan.

So that's the problem. We were reeling. What do we do?

"God what do I pray for? What do I ask for? I don't want to be the spoilt child that keeps getting bailed out. I don't want to treat you like a genie."

"What do you need?" was the reply.

"We need our car either fixed or replaced, that won't kill us financially. And I don't want to sell my caravan. I love that caravan!" I replied. I spent a few moments talking about the whole situation and I didn't know what to do.

"Call _____" and God gave me a name of a business.

"Eh??" I replied. That business name went straight into my heart.

"They will help you. You won't lose your caravan. Everything is going to be ok."

I listened to the deep breathing of my husband, who was sleeping beside me. Hmmm... I'm going to look like a real idiot if I wake him up and tell him to call this place. "Don't call. It wasn't God. Don't be so stupid." I heard the enemy whisper to me.

My husband stirred suddenly and whispered to me "Goodnight babe."

"Honey!" I spoke quickly and I told him about my prayer.

This morning my husband, obedient to God, made the call to the business.
"We can't help you. But we know who can, and this person is who we deal with." and they gave him a number. My husband called them... and low and behold, there was an engine for our car!! It would not cost us what we were quoted before to repair. To get it fitted it would cost us just over $4000. That's right FOUR THOUSAND. Now 4 grand is still a lot of money... but it's a LOT better than 16 grand!! Not only that, the engine has done 45,000 less kms than our old engine, so when it comes to resale - we will be able to get more for it! :)


God promised - and he came through, in 8 hours!

Jehovah Jireh!

My God provides. My God works miracles.


God. YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much for pulling us out of such a terrible situation. Thank you for speaking loud and clear and directing us to the right people. Thank you that you care about your kids and their problems.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oil of passion

Yesterday it was if my Pastor was preaching just to me. He spoke about stretching your boundaries and stepping out and doing something that is different to what you are comfortable with. He said our inability to do it is not an excuse, because we have the ability to learn, and if it's God-inspired he will equip us and help us.

I've been really thinking and praying about this whole new calling on my life and this really spoke to me. "Ok Lord. Let's do it. You have to help me, because I am not sure what I need to do - but I am willing."
At that moment I got a vision. It was a big "bubble" of oil on the inside of me. It was getting bigger and bigger very rapidly. It was HUGE! God showed me that this was HIS passion for social injustice growing inside of me - filling me. Then the bubble exploded, and oil went everywhere. It didn't just sit on the surface though. It was quickly absorbed into me - it got into every little space, nook and cranny. It sank into me. God showed me that this will be part of me - this passion and compassion will permeate me and consume me.


Wow! What a word from God!
It's so good to get confirmation and clear direction on which path to walk. I know it's going to be a tough road ahead of me. But God will be with me and walk with me, showing me the best way to go about all this.

I meet with our Pastors this week and I will be talking to them about this and sharing with them what God is saying and doing in my life.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angels of Mercy

This month has been quite hard on myself and my family. Cutting a long story short, while we were on holiday our car (which is very reliable usually and well looked after) died in the middle of nowhere.

But what got me is that we were in a strange place and knew no-one - yet God bought people into our lives that would help us and show us kindness and favor. We first broke down in a small town - we could have broken down an hour before, or an hour later - or even in the middle of nowhere... No. We broke down IN the town. We were looked after by a mechanic who did his utmost to help us. He and his wife barely knew us at all, yet they offered us the use of their own car to drive 4 hours away to our destination. They would tow our dead car down and then tow their own car home again. Who does that? Who looks at a family and trusts them immediately and gives them their car to use - especially nowadays? How can their hearts be filled with such compassion and kindness to perfect strangers?


Because the car was dead, we had to abandon our caravan in the town. The same man and wife offered to tow the caravan to their home and let it stay in the driveway until we were in a position to come and pick it up again. The wife emptied out our fridge so it wouldn't smell. They went above and beyond what is expected from Roadside Assistance.

After the car was repaired... twice (don't ask!) , we headed back to the town to pick up our caravan. On the way we noticed that the air conditioning in the car stopped working. We groaned. What next??? This was seriously ridiculous!! We arrived at the town, the mechanic's wife ushered us into her beautiful home, served up chocolate biscuits for the kids and pulled out lovely toys for them to play with and the mechanic stuck his head under the bonnet of our car and repaired our air-conditioning problem. No charge.

We were so well taken care of and felt so incredibly blessed to run into these people. I have never experienced such kindness from strangers before. I felt humbled. Do I do this? Do I show love, care and compassion like this?

Cutting another long story short, we broke down again... for good this time. We were stuck in a small town outside Sydney while we waited for our car to be looked at again. The caravan was towed to a caravan park near the mechanics and I was left with the three children while my husband went to sort out the car. The two couples behind us came over immediately when they saw I was alone. "Can we help you? Can I set up your van for you? Can I put the roof up for you? (A very heavy job) Don't worry about the kids, this is a safe place. Do you need me to get you some groceries? If you ever need a ride somewhere, please let me know." The caravan park owners only charged minimum amount for the site, so we were financially blessed as well. While my husband was away, busy, my son was getting frustrated with his bike - the pedal kept falling off. The caravan park owner saw this and took it to his workshop and repaired it. My son idolised the man from then on. (Poor man! Had a little boy following him about asking him what he was doing every 5 minutes!)

Again perfect strangers coming to our aid. These people were not being kind for any other reason than they were kind people. They didn't want anything in return. They didn't expect anything in return. They showed us compassion, kindness and empathy - not because they wanted to shove something down our throat later. No reason. No motive. They were just beautiful people.

This humbles me. Truly it does! It was as if kindness was bottled up and handed to me. Not kind because they SHOULD be... but because they are.

Kindess is one of the fruits of the spirit, and I feel that sometimes I show kindness because I SHOULD... not because that is what is within me.

Father, thankyou for taking good care of us, through the most unexpected people. Thank you for each person who helped us and I pray you will bless them, bless their lives and that the kindness they showed us, will be rewarded abundantly. Help me to remember them often and help me follow their example in showing kindness where I can, fill me with your compassion and love to people I don't know. Thank you for this valuable lesson in such a tough time.

PS: What ended up happening is we had to fly home and abandon our car and caravan and truck them both home later. We still owe money on the car - so have to pay that off before we can get rid of it and get another car. We are in no financial position to do that at this time. Please keep us in your prayers. We need a miracle here.


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