Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oil of passion

Yesterday it was if my Pastor was preaching just to me. He spoke about stretching your boundaries and stepping out and doing something that is different to what you are comfortable with. He said our inability to do it is not an excuse, because we have the ability to learn, and if it's God-inspired he will equip us and help us.

I've been really thinking and praying about this whole new calling on my life and this really spoke to me. "Ok Lord. Let's do it. You have to help me, because I am not sure what I need to do - but I am willing."
At that moment I got a vision. It was a big "bubble" of oil on the inside of me. It was getting bigger and bigger very rapidly. It was HUGE! God showed me that this was HIS passion for social injustice growing inside of me - filling me. Then the bubble exploded, and oil went everywhere. It didn't just sit on the surface though. It was quickly absorbed into me - it got into every little space, nook and cranny. It sank into me. God showed me that this will be part of me - this passion and compassion will permeate me and consume me.


Wow! What a word from God!
It's so good to get confirmation and clear direction on which path to walk. I know it's going to be a tough road ahead of me. But God will be with me and walk with me, showing me the best way to go about all this.

I meet with our Pastors this week and I will be talking to them about this and sharing with them what God is saying and doing in my life.

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