Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be still and know...

It's been quiet around here. Quiet in my soul and spirit. Just quiet. Quiet is good.

Psalm 46 - the passage where "Be still and know that I am God" comes from, you see such imagery. It's loud, there are wars, rivers, earthquakes, storms, crumbling nations, God's voice is thundering, hills are melting - it's just chaos. Life can get like that for us, where our world around is screaming and loud and in your face. But in times of chaos, we are encouraged to be still. Let our spirits rest in the knowledge of a good, gracious and glorious God. Know that he is God. KNOW it.

In this stillness, we are able to center our spirits and minds on the one who created us, saved us and loves us so much. The one who is not chaotic like the world around us.

I'm struggling with words today - but I have in my mind a beautiful vision that God gave me, that may explain what I mean better.

Picture if you will a raging river, water rushing by, it's force is strong, it's loud, white foam, spray, the water tosses tree logs about as if they were twigs. Imagine you in that same river, being tossed about, swallowing water, having your body slammed against whatever you came across.

In the middle of that din, picture a rock, and you stand on that rock as the water rushes by. "Be still and know that I am God." You can only be still in that environment, when your feet are firmly planted on God and in God.

Be still - in these moments of stillness, is when we get a real perspective of God's glory and goodness. It's hard to focus on God's goodness when we are being tossed about like rag dolls. In that still place we can regroup, and recenter our lives.


Thankyou Lord for your goodness and your grace. Thank you Lord you love me and treasure me unconditionally and continually. Lord as I regroup and realign my life with you, I pray you will speak to me, guide me and show me your ways. Thank you that you provide a place of peace in this chaotic world. I want to use it more and make you my epi-center every single day. I pray that those who read this entry today will feel the tug into a place of peace and quiet to mediate on you and know that you are God - a good and glorious God!

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