Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God is... #3

Acts 10:34 Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism."

God has no favourites. Awesome.

Thus ends this post....

I'm kidding!!

This just confirms what I believe, that in the human race, that not one person is better than another in the eyes of God. He sees us all the same, as the wonderful people that he created, that have been redeemed, and his desire is to be in relationship with us, and for us to accept his love and gift of sacrifice. Yep. All of us are the same.

This can be hard to swallow when you see some others getting more "gifts" and "blessings" than others. This has nothing to do with God loving them more or showing favouritism. I think all of us are gifted and blessed in unique ways - some people's gifts and blessings are more obvious than some. I think the trick here is to stop looking at other people's gifts and blessings in envy, but to thank God for them for that person. Then look at your own gifts and blessings, and do the same! Thank God for them. I am thankful that I have gifting on my life. I am thankful that I have a beautiful family and such an amazing husband. I am thankful that God has given me passion, boldness, abilities, and other great things which I know that God will use for his glory and for his purposes.

It says in the Bible that God's ways are not our ways, so we can't always understand how God works but we can be certain of one thing - God does not play favourites. That his love for you and I is the same love that he has for everyone, no matter how bad, good, ugly, beautiful, smart, less-smart etc.. It's deep, it's passionate, it desires us and is something I want to know and appreciate for the rest of my days. How about you?

Lord, God, King. You amaze me every single day. Thank you that I don't have to fear you loving someone else more than me - I know that you love me so much I will never fully understand it. Thank you God for the blessings you give me and the giftings you have given me. I know I don't always appreciate them, and I get frustrated and impatient with the lack of use sometimes. I pray you will forgive me for that and help me to settle petal. :P Thank you Father for being such an amazing God. Amen

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