Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All are in God's Likeness

I did my first study and bible reading with Chronological Bible Blog today. I'm a few days behind because of my late start, but I'll catch up. So today I learned about Creation and the fall of humanity. It was good to go over the story of how God created each and every thing, and especially how human beings were made in the image of God.

"So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27 NLT

It's sometimes so hard to remember that, especially in today's day and age where we look in the mirror and can only see the flaws. God made ME in HIS image. I have qualities of God, and those are thing things I should be looking at. Not my hair, my skin, my hips.

Not only am I made in the image of God, but EVERYONE is! Even the people who are criminals, abusers, unkind, hurtful etc. Sometimes it's difficult to remember this when one is so aghast at their behaviour. Even though I don't like what they do and how they behave, they deserve my love and compassion, because they too are a child of God, and have inherited His qualities.


Lord God, Creator of all things, mastermind of the intricate details of all, the artist, the inventor - amazing God!! Lord as I read today's scriptures I was blown away by all you accomplished in Creation. Each living thing is complex and carefully and creatively designed. I appreciate and admire your creative abilities and I'm thankful that I too have inherited some creativity from you.

Lord I ask your forgiveness for the times I forget that each human being is made in your image. I pray that you will help me look beyond their behaviour and actions and enable me to see you in them. I pray that you will fill me with your compassion and your love so that I can give so much more to those around me who don't know you. Thank you for reminding me today that all of us were deliberately and creatively made by you.


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