Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm not dead. I'm not buried under a mountain of text books... though I almost was!! It's been a really bad semester and I just thank God I got through it in one piece!

Not much really to report. I am just going with God and really making an effort to hear his voice and hear what he has to say. I'm not pushing, or fighting or tapping my foot impatiently. I'm just waiting on Him and meditating on his Word and his Promises.

I have finally gotten involved in something at my church. I'm a "Babes Host" - which means I pretty much look after new Mums who use the creche. I hold their screaming babies while they heat bottles up, or set themselves up to feed. I count it all joy to serve and encourage these women who are sleep deprived, worried about if they are doing the right thing or not and need someone to smile, and tell them they are doing an amazing job. I love this ministry. I love to be a friend and a helper in this capacity.

I have at last learned to serve God in the smaller things, and with joy and enthusiasm. I not only want to just serve but I want to do it so well. Thank you Lord for the amazing job you have given me in the church, to serve just amazing people.

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