Friday, August 5, 2011

Be teachable.

Today I was praying and God really spoke deep into my soul. This is pretty much the essence of it -

"Skip, you must not let yourself become unteachable. You are so desperate to be used, but yet you aren't' establishing or developing the skills I gave you. The stuff you have already done was my confirmation to you that this is your gifting. It was not a launchpad into bigger and better things. Study my word, I have so many wonderful things to teach you. Learn more about me, so you can teach more about me. Unravel the mysteries. Hear from me. Let me teach you about me and reveal myself to you, so you can effectively tell others about me. You can't expect me to just give you knowledge about things in my Word - you have to help me out here! Study my ways. Learn more. Don't become unteachable. If you are unteachable, your gift will dry up like dust, unused and wasted. Your passion is great, but you need more substance than just passion. Get into my Word deeply. Be teachable. Be motivated to learn so then you have something worthwhile to teach. It's not about what YOU know... it's about what I teach and show you."

This is what I needed to hear. God hit the nail on the head.... as usual. LOL

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