Monday, August 1, 2011

Handing over the last of it....

In 1 King 17 we read of the story of the widow living in the time of severe drought. She had come to the end of her own resources, she had a handful of flour and a few drops of oil left to make a small amount of bread with. Then along comes Elijah, and asks her to give him her last meal. I don't know about you, but I would be very reluctant to hand over the bread that was going to feed my children. Elijah promised her that the Lord would look after her, and their would be provision for her. To accept that would be really difficult, because how did she know that her child was not going to be one step closer to death because she handed this man her meal? She didn't know at all, but her faith rested in the faithfulness of God. The woman shows this faith by preparing a meal with the last of her food for Elijah. Her faith in God was rewarded with continual provision for the remainder of the drought. God multiplied her resources and she would not go hungry.


God multiplies our resources in the same way when we hand it over to him. Ever single last bit of it. God took the only thing she had left and multiplied it. God has given us resources, sometimes untapped, but nonetheless we do not have nothing. We must be obedient and surrender the last of it to God in order to see his provision. God will multiply what you have and make it bigger and better than you ever could.

I believe in your faithfulness, My God. I believe that you can do amazing things with what I have. I want to give you the last of everything. All skills, whether it be small or large, I want you to use them and multiply them and allow them to be a blessing to those who need them. Thank you for making me a very capable and skilled person. I place all these gifts and skills in your hands, knowing that you are faithful and good and will use them well.
Help me to be like this widow, that sees the greater picture and believes in a the goodness and faithfulness of a Great God.

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