Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not even one!

I've been reading Romans 3 - and I just can't get past the first part of the passage.

Romans 3:9 - Well then, are we to conclude that Jews are better than others? No not at all, for we have already shown that all people, whether Jew or Gentile are under the power of sin.

Swap the word Jew for Christian and see how it reads. Are Christians better than non-christians? Are Christians more righteous than non-Christians? Absolutely not!!! We are all under the power of sin! We are sinful creatures and we all sin, no matter what! We can TRY and be righteous and good, but we will fail. Romans 3:10 - No one is righteous, not even one

We must never be guilty of thinking that we are better than "all the other sinners" and smug in our knowledge that we are incredibly righteous and moral beings and everyone else are is dirty rotten sinners. Sometimes as Christians we can become guilty of segregating ourselves from the world, based on that we are oh so holy, and they aren't. Stand along side the sinner and show him the way to Jesus, don't judge him. You are no better than he is. Before taking the moral high-ground, remember where you have come from. Amazing Grace has saved you! Instead of judging and condemning the non-christian and sin, come along side them, love them and show them the way to Jesus. A non-christian deserves our compassion and not our judgement. They are prisoners to their sin but you have been set free and forgiven from yours.


Abba Father forgive me for my judgement of others. Help me to be a shining light in the darkness and show love and compassion to those who don't know you. Help me remember that no one is righteous and that I am not a better person because of the Grace that you have shown me. Thank you for sending your Son to die and pay for all of our sins. It's because of Jesus I have been made right before you, and don't let me forget it!!
Thank you for your never-ending patience with me. Amen

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