Monday, January 2, 2012

Humble creativity

My prayer yesterday was "God show me more about you." and he answered that prayer in a very familiar passage. I started to read Genesis 1, and the amazing story of Creation. My mouth dropped open at the fresh revelation of God's creativity and pure genius! But not only that he was really casual and humble about it.

"Let the land sprout forth vegetation"(Genesis 1:11). One sentence to encompass the whole creation of the plants. But it wouldn't have started there. God didn't just wave his hands, speak and it all just happened. He would have had to really think about how the plant was going to eat, drink, grow, reproduce, how it would benefit the earth, how the flower would smell, what color it would be, where the pollen would be etc etc. And not just for one plant, EVERY SINGLE ONE!! What about the stars? "Let lights appear in the sky", (Genesis 1:15) but not a single word about how he thought stars up, how he put them together, what gasses are on there, how far away from earth they are, how hot they are, how they make up the constellations etc. God didn't just wave his hand and there they were. Such depth of thought and creativity was displayed in such an amazing way, that every single day, we can look out into our world and see the beauty and cleverness of God's mind. 

Can you imagine how long Genesis would be if it was documented how God created our world? To me, the simple words of "Let there be..." and "God saw it and it was very good." shows me that God is a humble God, not insisting that his creativity be elaborated on and gone over and over to show us just how amazing he is. His creation speaks for itself. God also took pride in his work. He looked at what he did and said "Hey, I did a pretty good job! I like it!"

I'm a very creative person, so reading about being made in God's image and seeing God's creativity in a new light has really spoken to me. When I create things for my family and friends, I can see God's creative attribute in me. My creativity is nothing compared to mountains and oceans and humans - more on the scale of quilts, photography and sewing -  and I think it's pretty good. God has gifted me with these skills. I want to mirror God's own heart and be humble about my gifts. I can let my work speak for itself.

Thank you Father for showing me more about you and how I can be like you. When I look at your creation, I am in awe of you. Although you made so many things and have lots to think about and do, you care so much for me and what's important to me. Thank you that I'm like my Daddy, and creative and have such awesome skills. Help me to be like you, help me to have a humble heart.  

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daph-a-dills said...

Thank you for sharing this...It make me think diffently about how God created the world. My appreciation & awe has just multiplied big time...I shall think of this when Im next in a creating mood xxx


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