Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using our abilities despite our circumstances

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This video really struck a chord with me. My own baby boy is on the spectrum, and my hope and prayer is that his Daddy and I will be able to foster in him a love for God and a desire to serve Him, using his difficulties in life to encourage and reach other people.

There really is no excuse not to serve God is there? This little boy, 10 years old, autistic and blind stands up to use his gifts to sing the praises of a great God. The words he sings isn't "heal me" or "change my circumstances" but rather "Open my spiritual eyes, I want to see YOU."

Dear Lord Jesus, open the eyes of my heart, reveal yourself to me. Help me to be You-focussed, and not me-focussed. Help me to seek you in my prayers and worship. Thank you for reminding me that NOTHING stops our ability to serve you except ourselves. Lord I love you more than anything.


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